The Avon lady is here!

This blog is dedicated to my late Grandmother Lois.

Dusty Rose or Tickled Pink, what is your color? Every month, the Avon lady, would make her regular visit to my grandmother’s house. We would “awe” over all the new products. I loved the smell of my grandmother’s Avon lipstick! Granny would line her favorite lipsticks along the bathroom vanity, and I would pick up and smell every one of them. I looked forward to the day that I would be old enough (in my mother’s opinion) to wear lipstick. As I grew up, I loved to wear lip balm and dreamed of the day I could wear lipstick. I had a friend that used to say if she could leave the house wearing only one thing it would be lipstick. My grandmother shared the same thought.

Women will eat a total of 100 tubes of lipstick in their lifetime, according to Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Wow! That is unbelievable! Regardless, I still love lipstick and will continue to wear it. Women on average will consume two tubes of lipstick a year. Therefore, if a lady starts wearing lipstick at age sixteen by the time she is 87 years of age she will have used 142 tubes of lipstick (Elements, 2011). I have bought an absurd amount of lipstick myself; I will probably exceed the average 142 tubes in my lifetime.

Ancient Mesopotamian women were thought to be the first women to invent and wear lipstick; they would crush gemstones and used them to decorate their lips. However, the first popular use of lipstick came from Cleopatra, who had her lipstick made from crushed beetles that gave it the red color and ants, which made the base (Lipstick Trivia, 2012). So, I wonder, how many beetles and ants Cleopatra has eaten. Lipstick is made from some things that I’d rather not mention. I want everyone to love lipstick as much as I do so I do not want to discourage you with the detail of ingredients. After all, there are approximately 14,588 shades available in the stores right now, according to Sephora, a popular makeup store, is one of my favorite places to shop; I regularly visit the lipstick section. As I open the first tube and twist it open, I find myself smelling the lipstick, and it immediately takes me back to my grandmother’s bathroom as a little girl. My love for lipstick has not changed, it has only gotten fonder.


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Retrieved from Lipstick Trivia. (2012, August 12). Retrieved from

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