Shake off that Poverty Mentality

Before you know it, a poverty mentality can penetrate every part of your mind and body. I am not talking about being poor. I am talking about a mentality that you do not deserve a better state of mind or life than you are currently living. I had a family member that used to say that they were sick and tired of ___ all the time. They used this phrase almost every day about something. Guess what? They were literally physically sick and tired all the time! One day I mentioned that they should quit making those confessions and kept reminding them till they stopped. You know what happened? They went on to try something new for the very first time and bought their first home and realized one day that they weren’t physically tired anymore.

We need to dream dreams and have goals that are bigger than us. I had a person say to me that if it doesn’t scare me it probably isn’t a good idea. I like this idea better than having a woe is me attitude towards life. Over 20 years ago I was working in a manufacturing facility on a production line; I was working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. It was there I realized I wanted something else for my life so I called a staffing company and asked them to find me an entry-level receptionist position. It was there that I was promoted to my first human resources position and here I am today. I went back to college and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in HR Business Management and have the title HR Manager.

I still have goals and dreams I am pursuing but first I had to put off that poverty mentality and believe I could grow into the person I was created to become. I encourage anyone reading this that with hard work and determination you can shake off a poverty mentality and reach for the stars instead! And, don’t use age as an excuse. Young or old, you are the only one that can change your future!


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