Embracing Change

I am experiencing a lot of emotions this week as I have sold my house and will be moving to another city very soon. I have raised my children in this home and have planned for this day for a long time but you never fully know how you will process change until you are experiencing it for yourself. Change is inevitable but the joy is in how we process change. Instead of feeling sad that my children will both be in college this Fall I am welcoming a new season of life. A season of learning and exploring what is in store for me. I choose to embrace change and look forward to my future.

We all have the same number of minutes in an hour, the same hours in a day and the same days in a year. We make choices every day that affect our future in how we spend our time. We can’t feel sorry for those individuals who choose to throw away time every chance they get. Most good things in life take work and dedication.

This week I have talked to several individuals that have explained to me why they are barely getting by in life. (We all have struggles but we are the only ones that can change our future.) Excuse after excuse aid them however anyone can lay down and give up. Work is not a bad four- letter word, it brings change. It takes a fighter/ believer to move into the unknown. Get up and dust yourself off! Today is a new day and your chance to move to a better place than you are in right now. And who knows, you may find yourself experiencing many new and wonderful adventures.

Adventures may take you back to college, a new town or a new job. Whatever you are facing in life, believe you have the keys to make the change you need. Some changes will come in the way you expect but some will take you by surprise. However change comes, accept it, embrace it and look forward to the future.


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