The infamous THEY

My employer is currently taking donations for school supplies and as I look at the donation box I think, I wish THEY would have given out supplies when I was a child. Then it strikes me that the infamous THEY have become me now. I need to give to every opportunity I can willingly and generously. To the students that receive these supplies it is a lifeline. Most of these children do not have a steady home life, parents that are addicted to drugs or parents who barely make enough money to pay rent.

We cannot expect our community to change without first examining our own hearts. Taking on the mentality that someone else will take care of it or I can’t afford it is not the thought that will change the world. Think about that the next time you spend $6 on a drink at Starbucks or a pack of cigarettes; be the change you want to see around you. We make choices every day to eat out or buy something we just had to have and forget to think about those less fortunate. I am guilty of this at times and will be examining my own heart first.

Remembering that THEY are really me will hopefully lead you and I in a new direction for future causes.


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