The Five Love Languages

Years ago I read the book titled “The Five Love Languages.” It changed my life in the way I view others and myself. I used to think there was something wrong with me in that I like when people did nice things for me. (Acts of Service) I thought that shouldn’t matter. But, after reading the book I realized that our love language is deposited from childhood and can change throughout the seasons of our lives.

The five love languages are Acts of Service, Personal Touch, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation and Gifts. Everyone likes all five but you feel loved by others in one area more than the others. The key is to learn what love language those around you have. I have a coworker who loves to receive gifts so when I want to thank her I give her a gift. I have another who is always encouraging those around her so she loves words of affirmation. This review of those around you will help you in every way and should be a mandatory read for everyone in the office. Not only will it help you in your personal relationships it will also help in your work relationships as well. I encourage you to read it more than once as you will continue to learn from the book.

Pick up your copy of “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman and put it to work. You will see your relationships with others improve and feel more encouraged to get to know those around you in a deeper way.

I also deeply encourage you to watch this video, you will be blessed.  The Father’s Love Letter

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