You Have Seen Better Days

Your bad day may start with you climbing the security fence, ripping the back of your pants because you are more motivated to climb the fence and run away then you are to stay at work.

Expecting to eat your awesome leftovers for lunch then you go to the breakroom and someone has eaten your food or worse, you can see teeth marks that do not belong to you…bad day.

You realize the person not washing their hands in the restroom is the same person that always makes the cookies to share in the office.

Leaving secret admirer love notes that have your department name and line number on the back of the paper so now you are easily identifiable.

Reporting that you had to suddenly visit a sick relative out of town when your picture is online as recently being arrested. Also, calling into the office and using the excuse that you “almost had a dead relative, you can’t come to work” isn’t a good idea. Sad but true!